Edi Automator

£30 000.00


Full scope Anthropomorphized Business Automations for SAP Business One.

Provision of intercompany engine, ECOM integrations, WMS integrations, CRM integrations through partial possession of stable network connected Windows PC.

Simple and robust architecture with two single-file executables: Toolbox providing manual controls and intimate view for human members of the team, and Worker churning through daily grind in the background.

Flexible SQL configurations. Edi is continuously observing and reacting to instructions in tables in Excel files stored in SharePoint cloud, or elsewhere if you prefer.

Edi can do a lot but it will not hesitate to ask for help in case of data errors or any other reason which makes it unable to complete tasks successfully on time; via email notifications with attachments, or otherwise to your liking.

Edi provides modern business intelligence view through flexible open source tools and Excel automations.

Edi keeps and maintains centralized records of its actions like no human would, really.

Inclusive of one year of support provided by Propercode-certified Software Artist Superconsultant.


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