We offer hands-on diaster recovery and emergency Interim CTO services or Systems Architect services on time and materials basis.

We can direct and steer your organisation through the murky waters of AI revolution to achieve sustainable security, resilience and plan for continuous improvement of your IT systems in approximately 88 days over a year.

Terms and Conditions

We contract for minimum 5 days over a month at

£900 + VAT per day of remote services or
£1200 + VAT per day on-site.

We can guarantee from 5 to 25 days over a month availability for agreed periods of year.

We do not observe weekends religiously because we do not consider what we do to be real work. We are having fun helping people understand computers but we have to charge for our time away from family. This means we do not charge extra for services provided on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

We embrace reduced risk when working with computer systems outside of their normal working hours. We do not charge extra for remote work provided outside standard office hours, considered to be 9am-5pm with 1h lunch break.

Source code of computer executables which we write for you belongs to you. We reserve full copyrights for ourselves unless agreed otherwise.

For substantial out-of-scope work scheduled for future we reserve an option to charge agreed percentage of the total value of the project up front.