Software Artists™ is a collective of like-minded SAP Business One superconsultants who collaboratively use and enhance our software toolbox.

Our Shared Promise

We come together under a simple promise: to think clearly, treat others kindly as we’d like to be treated, spread love, and stay curious about the world. We agree to make decisions thoughtfully, care for our planet, and keep learning and growing together. This is our pledge to each other and the future we share.

We love what we do, and alongside simplicity, it is the key to happiness.

Happiness is a state in which there are no problems, and everything unfolds according to expectations. Science and technology enrich this state by introducing delightfully sustainable complexities.

Our guiding principle is to satisfy customers through the early and continuous delivery of valuable software.

We believe that customer happiness is the primary measure of progress. Our goal is to address customer needs with continuously evolving software, delivered via timely updates, and offering real-time options for select clients. However, specific project terms and conditions apply.

We welcome changing requirements, even late in a project’s lifecycle.

Staying flexible and employing effective methods, we leverage change to benefit our customers. The final executable program’s required behavior is specified as an abstract concept, which is then refined through a series of correctness-preserving transformations into working, well-commented code and executables.

We value:

  • Working Software over Comprehensive Documentation,
  • Responding to Change over Following a Plan.

When working with people, we prioritize:

  • Customer Collaboration over Contract Negotiation,
  • Individuals and Interactions over Processes and Technology.

While recognizing the value in the items on the right, we place greater emphasis on the items on the left.

We cherish our tools and put our principles into practice every day, honing our craft through repetition and continuous learning.

Lastly, we adhere to clear ethical guidelines, as defined by Ultimate Law, which we use as the constitution of all Propercode AIs.