The best outputs emerge from well resourced teams which are free to self-organize. We build projects around motivated individuals, give them environment and tools they need and trust them to get the job done. Our methods make sustainable development possible. The sponsors, developers and users should be able to maintain constant pace indefinitely.


We signed partnerships and we cooperate with some of the best of the best in IT world.

In order of appearance:

Microsoft for stable and pleasant enterprise-friendly software and cloud platform

SAP for responsible and powerful ERP and CRM business platform

Boyum IT for common sense SAP B1 UX enhancements beloved by DIYers

Shopify for quick and easy short-term yet scalable e-commerce platform

IBM for Artificial Intelligence, but we got this ourselves too.

TechData for enterprise hardware and software sourcing.

ASUS for stable and pleasant hardware platform.

SUSE for alternative Linux services.


This is but a tip of the iceberg:

Proper Code Ltd
SAP B1Up Dashboards
RDP Gateway
Cloud Storage
Superset Minecraft
BI Superset Demo
BI PostgreSQL Admin Console
SAP B1 10.0
GitLab DevOps
Azure DevOps
Azure Sharepoint

Friends and Supporters

Farbiszewski Family Company
Ultimate Law Charity
A Billion Dollars
iMtG for Magic The Gathering
Chattyhome Blog
Chattyhome 2.0 Dashboard